Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open 'Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment' wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Configure Sana Web Service

Sana Commerce is integrated with SAP Business One via Web service implemented and delivered by Sana. Sana Web service for SAP Business One is hosted in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.  When you prepare the SAP Business One environment for Sana Commerce add-on installation one of the required steps is to install the Sana Web service. For more information, see "Install Sana Web Service".

When the Sana Commerce add-on is installed you can configure the Sana Web service directly in SAP Business One.

Set up Sana Web service

Step 1: In SAP Business One, click: Web Store > Setup > Services > Configure Sana Web Service.

Step 2: In the Web Service Folder field enter the path to the folder where the Sana Web service is installed.

Step 3: Click Configure. Set up the connection, database and SAP Business One settings.

The table below provides description of the fields in the Configure Sana Web Service window.

Field Description
General Settings
Web Service Folder Path to the folder where the Sana Web service is installed.
Connection Name Name of the server where the Sana Web service is installed.
Database Settings
Database Server SQL (HANA) database server name the SAP system connects to.
Database Type SQL (HANA) database type. It can be one of the following: dst_MSSQL, dst_MSSQL2005, dst_MSSQL2008, dst_MSSQL2012, dst_HANADB).
Database Name SQL (HANA) database name.
Database Username SQL (HANA) database user credentials.
Database Password
Protocol The protocol (HTTP or HTTPS) on which the Sana Web service is running. Sana requires to secure data transfer between the Sana web store and SAP Business One with the SSL certificate. The server which hosts the Sana Web service for SAP Business One must support TLS 1.2. For more information about how to set up SSL for the Sana Web service, read the next article "Set up Web Service to Use SSL".
Authentication Type The authentication type which is used for the Sana Web service in the IIS Manager. It can be either Windows Authentication or Anonymous Authentication. The one which was used during Sana Web service installation is automatically selected. For security reasons, it is recommended to use Windows Authentication. You can use Anonymous Authentication only on the test environment.

     The authentication type must be the same in the Sana Web service settings and in the IIS Manager for the web site that hosts the Sana Web service.

SAP Business One Settings
Company Username SAP company user credentials. For more information, see "SAP Company User".
Company Password
License Server SAP License server name.
Language Database localization.

Step 4: When the Sana Web service is configured, click Update.

All settings of the Sana Web service will be saved to the "web.config" file of the Sana Web service, which you can find in the folder where the Web service is installed.