Install Sana inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Open the wizard "Sana for Microsoft Dynamics 365" to see more information.

Connect Sana to Microsoft Dynamics 365

Sana connects to Dynamics 365 Business Edition via Web service.

To establish connection between Sana and Dynamics 365 Business Edition, in Sana Admin click: Tools > ERP connection and in the Default connection area enter the necessary settings.

Field Description
Provider Select eBusiness.
Connection type Select Dynamics 365 for Financials.
Webservice URL Enter the SOAP Web service URL of Dynamics 365 Business Edition. You can find it in the Web Services window when the Sana extension is installed inside Dynamics 365 Business Edition and configured. You should copy the SOAP URL of the SC - NAV Web Service object.
User domain Leave this field empty.
User Enter the name of the user created in Dynamics 365 Business Edition. This is the user that is used to access Dynamics 365 Business Edition.
Password Enter the Web service access key. It can be found in the user details in Dynamics 365 Business Edition, under the Web Service Access FastTab.

Click Test connection, to check whether the connection between Sana and Dynamics 365 Business Edition is established.

Now the Sana web store is connected to Dynamics 365 Business Edition and you can try it out.

Get started with the Sana web store integrated with Dynamics 365 Business Edition:

  1. Use the Getting Started guide to get to know about Sana Commerce.
  2. Read the Sana User Guide to learn about Sana Commerce features and tools and how to configure them.
  3. Refer to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Business Edition Sana user manual for in-depth information about the core settings which you need to configure in Dynamics 365 Business Edition and master data management.