Install Sana inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations

Open the wizard "Sana for Microsoft Dynamics 365" to see more information.

Create Microsoft Dynamics 365 User

In Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations you need to create a user which will be used to establish connection between Sana and Dynamics 365 via the Web service.

Step 1: Sign in to Dynamics 365.

Step 2: Click: System administration > Users > Users.

Step 3: Create a user.

Step 4: Enter user information:

  • If this is the user from Office 365, enter the same Name, User ID and Email as in Office 365.
  • If the user is from your company domain, enter the same Name, User ID and Email as in your company account and add your company domain in the Provider field, like on the screenshot above.

Step 5: On the User's roles FastTab, assign the appropriate roles to the user. It is required to assign the following user's roles:

  • "BusinessConnector Role"
  • "Sana Commerce webshop manager" - this is the Sana Commerce specific role. It becomes available after you install the Sana Commerce solution into Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations. This role allows Dynamics 365 user access the Sana Commerce tables.
  • You must also assign the role which has enough permissions to manage the catalog (products, item groups, item categories, product variants, related products, etc.), sales documents, customers, and all related to that, for example "Sales manager" or "Sales representative". You can assign several roles to the user.

It is not necessary to give full access to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations by assigning the role like "System administrator". Each role has a set of permissions determining which menus, forms, reports, and tables a user can access. A user must have enough permissions for the correct functionating of a Sana webshop.

Step 6: Enable Dynamics 365 user.


This user is needed to establish connection between Sana and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations via the Web service. The credentials of the Dynamics 365 user must be entered in the ERP connection settings in Sana Admin. Therefore, send the credentials (username and password) of this user to the person who is responsible for Sana Commerce installation on Web and database server.

Step 7: Open the following URL in the Web browser:{client_id}&response_type=code&prompt=consent

You must add the client ID of the Sana application to the URL. Sign in with the Dynamics 365 user created earlier in this article. Once signed in, click Accept to accept authorization.