Install Sana inside Microsoft Dynamics 365

Open the wizard "Sana for Microsoft Dynamics 365" to see more information.

Set up Azure Authorization

Step 1: Sign in to Microsoft Azure classic portal.

Step 2: Select your subscription associated with the LCS project.



If your Azure subscription and Dynamics 365 (Office 365) subscription are in different active directories, for example Azure -, Office 365 -, then you need to associate your Dynamics 365 (Office 365) account with Azure. For more information, read how to associate an existing Azure subscription with your Office 365 account on the Microsoft website.

Step 3: Go to the Active Directory list and click on your active directory that is associated with Dynamics 365. Then, click Applications.

Step 4: Click Add at the bottom of the page and then Add an application my organization is developing.

Step 5: Enter the name and select Native client application.


Step 6: Go to the next step in the wizard and enter any redirect URI. It is used only by native Azure Active Directory applications, but not by Sana. Thus, it can be any valid URL, for example your web store URL.

Step 7: Once the application has been added, click Configure.

Step 8: Set up Microsoft Dynamics ERP permissions as shown on the screenshot below.

Step 9: See the Client ID for the Sana application.

This client ID must be entered in the ERP connection settings in Sana Admin. It must be entered in the Extra parameters field in the following format:

clientid=[client ID of the Sana application]

Therefore, send the client ID of the Sana application to the person who is responsible for Sana Commerce installation on Web and database server.