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Additional Information

  1. The PayFabric add-on for Sana Commerce was successfully tested with the following payment gateways supported by PayFabric: PayPal Payflow Pro, WorldPay, CyberSource, USAePay, Chase Paymentech, Authorize.Net, and Moneris.
  2. The PayFabric add-on for Sana Commerce does not support the ECheck payment type.
  3. Customers' IDs from the ERP system are used to store customers' data in PayFabric, like customer address and wallet records. On the PayFabric portal, you can find the necessary customer by its ID.
  4. The PayFabric settings "Post URL" and "Return URL" are not used by Sana. This allows merchants to send information to their own application for tracking or logging purposes, when a transaction happens.
  5. There are some requirements to the billing and shipping addresses of a customer to successfully pay an order. For more details, see the table below.
Parameter Payment Gateways
CyberSource USAePay FrontStream WorldPay Authorize.Net PayFlow Paymentech Moneris
Customer's ID from ERP *
Max. 17 characters Max. 50 characters
Line 1 *
Line 2  
City *
State *    *          
ZIP Code For the USA addresses, use ZIP code in the following format:

[5 digits]-[4 digits]

For Canada addresses, use ZIP code in the following format:


Country *
Amount *
Invoice no.
(Sana Order ID)
Billing email     *          
Currency *

   * required

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