Developer Workstation Installation

Open 'Developer Workstation Installation' wizard, choose your scenario to see more provider-related information of the installation manual.

Create and Activate AIF Service

To create and activate AIF service in Microsoft Dynamics AX the following steps should be performed:

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics AX go to the following location: System administration -> Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework -> Inbound ports.

Step 2: Create new inbound port:

  • Specify port name (e.g. SANA);
  • Select 'HTTP' in the 'Adapter' dropdown;
  • Select website in the 'URI' dropdown (this website was created during installation of web services on IIS);
  • Open the Application Object Tree (Ctrl + D) and expand the 'Services' section. Right-click on the 'SC_AXDataServiceClient' service and select 'Add-Ins' and then click 'Register service'.
  • In the 'Inbound ports' form expand the 'Service contract customizations' section, click on the 'Service operations' button and move 'SC_AXDataServiceClient.ProcessRequest' service operation from the right column to the left:

    Create New Inbound Port

Step 3: Click 'Activate' at the top of the 'Inbound ports' form to activate the service.

The generated service artifacts include the following:

  • The '*.svc' file;
  • The schemas for the service operation parameters and return values;
  • The 'web.config' file.