Developer Workstation Installation

Open 'Developer Workstation Installation' wizard, choose your scenario to see more provider-related information of the installation manual.

NAV License Requirements

Additional NAV License Information
The Sana Commerce - NAV Connector currently is available for NAV 4 SP3, NAV 5 SP1, NAV 2009 SP1 and NAV 2009 R2. The connection with versions 4 and 5 requires a Navision Application Server (NAS) license.
A separate Sana Commerce - NAV Connector must be purchased for each NAS to which a Sana Commerce implementation connects.
NAV 2009 uses the web services and does not require the NAS license. Using the web services, Granule 9100 (Dynamics NAV Server) and Granule 2140 (Dynamics NAV 2009) are required.
A separate Sana Commerce - NAV Connector must be purchased for each NAV 2009 web service to which a Sana Commerce implementation connects.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV License Requirements (NAV Connector)
Sana Commerce requires a specific Microsoft Dynamics NAV License.
The name of the Granule is 'Sana Commerce - NAV Connector'.
For the Partner Developer License the Insert Granule ID is 11123304, and for the End User License the Granule ID is 11123310.
Microsoft will invoice €33 for this granule.
Please note that since the 1st of March 2010, the concept of an insert and execute granule no longer exists.
Instead, the add-on object range permissions are automatically added to the development license based on how the add-on module is set-up.
External Connector License (NAV Connector)
In case of using the Sana Commerce - NAV Connector, in addition to the NAV server software license, you must acquire the NAV user license. The Sana Commerce - NAV Connector runs in the External Connector Licensing scenario, since the solution consists of a webshop connecting to the NAV database via the NAV webservice. This scenario allows any number of concurrent users access the data stored in the NAV database, therefore, the External Connector License must be assigned to each NAV database used by Sana Commerce.
How to Update or Obtain a NAV License with the Sana Commerce Granule 11123310

After you have signed a partner agreement, please sent your Reseller Voice Account Number, Registered company name and country to
Then your company will be added as a reseller of our NAV Granule 11123310 and your company should be able to order the end user licenses with our NAV Granule.
After your company is added you can request a Demo/Dev license in VOICE. Please make sure that the 'ISV insert rights included?' field is set to 'Yes'.
If you have any problems related to the NAV license and the Sana Commerce granule please contact Please provide on which version and localization of NAV you are working with and for completeness also include your Reseller Voice Account Number and Registered company name in this e-mail.