Developer Workstation Installation

Open 'Developer Workstation Installation' wizard, choose your scenario to see more provider-related information of the installation manual.

Setup Overview

Sana Commerce solution consists of a number of parts, that need to be installed and configured during the installation. The following parts are standard Sana Commerce: 
  • Frontend web application;
  • Backoffice web application;
  • SQL database;
  • ImageLink task;
  • Sitemap export task;
  • Index task;
  • Sana Commerce NAV service component;
  • Sana Commerce NAV objects.
The following areas will be worked on during installation:
  • Install the Sana Commerce web applications;
  • Configure IIS;
  • Setup the Sana Commerce SQL database;
  • Setup NAV service;
  • Setup the Sana Commerce NAV objects in NAV administration;
  • Configure the SQL and NAV connection strings in the Sana Commerce application;
  • Configure e-mail settings, multi-sites, logging and error handling in the Sana Commerce application;
  • Install the Sana Commerce tasks.