Install Sana Commerce on AX Environment

Open 'Install Sana Commerce on AX Environment' wizard, choose you AX version and service to see more information.

Create and Activate AIF Service

To create and activate AIF service in Microsoft Dynamics AX the following steps should be performed:

Step 1: In Microsoft Dynamics AX go to the following location: System administration -> Setup > Services and Application Integration Framework -> Inbound ports.

Step 2: Create new inbound port:

  • Specify port name (e.g. SANA);
  • Select 'HTTP' in the 'Adapter' dropdown;
  • Select website in the 'URI' dropdown (this website was created during installation of web services on IIS);
  • Open the Application Object Tree (Ctrl + D) and expand the 'Services' section. Right-click on the 'SC_AXDataServiceClient' service and select 'Add-Ins' and then click 'Register service'.
  • In the 'Inbound ports' form expand the 'Service contract customizations' section, click on the 'Service operations' button and move 'SC_AXDataServiceClient.ProcessRequest' service operation from the right column to the left:

    Create New Inbound Port

Step 3: Click 'Activate' at the top of the 'Inbound ports' form to activate the service.

The generated service artifacts include the following:

  • The '*.svc' file;
  • The schemas for the service operation parameters and return values;
  • The 'web.config' file.