InstallationInstall Sana Commerce on AX EnvironmentImport Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector

Install Sana Commerce on AX Environment

Open 'Install Sana Commerce on AX Environment' wizard, choose you AX version and service to see more information.

Import Microsoft Dynamics AX Connector

To import Sana Commerce Microsoft Dynamics AX project to the environment with the development license the following steps should be performed:

Step 1: Start Microsoft Dynamics AX environment.

You can start the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment on different layers using the configuration tool and import the project on an empty layer.

Step 2: Open projects window (Ctrl+Shift+P) and select the 'Shared' folder.

Step 3: Import the Sana Commerce Microsoft Dynamics AX project (Ctrl+Shift+I) with labels. The project ('SharedProject_SANA.xpo' file) can be found in the 'AX' folder of the release package.

Sana Commerce Microsoft Dynamics AX Project Import

Step 4: Compile SANA project and check that there is no errors or warnings.

If some errors occurred please import the project one more time and recompile it.

If some labels are shown incorrectly, open Application Object Tree (Ctrl + D), right-click on 'Label Files' and select 'Create from File'. Import the labels file from the Sana Commerce release package. When the labels file is imported, expand 'Label Files' in AOT, then right-click on 'SCL' and select 'Move to model'.

Pay attention to the display language of Microsoft Dynamics AX. By default we provide the label file only for the English (United States) language of Microsoft Dynamics AX with the language culture name 'en-us'. For all other available languages in AX, Microsoft Dynamics AX creates the empty label files.

Thus if your Microsoft Dynamics AX uses some other display language or the English language but not with 'en-us' language culture name, for instance 'en-GB' for United Kingdom then you should copy the content of the label file from the release package into the appropriate label file in the AX application directory with a language culture name of your AX client. Or just copy the label file from the release package, rename it using the correct language culture name and replace the one in the AX application directory.

For example, if during the installation of Microsoft Dynamics AX you have selected the Dutch display language, the label file should be renamed to 'axSCLnl.ald'.

If all steps have been followed and performed then the Sana Commerce Microsoft Dynamics AX project is imported to the environment with the development license.