Install Sana Commerce on NAV Environment

Open 'Install Sana Commerce on NAV Environment' wizard, choose you NAV version and service to see more information.

Start the NAS

Now that everything on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV side has been configured, you can start the NAS service:

Step 1: Open the 'Application Server Manager' (Start -> Programs -> Microsoft Dynamics NAV -> Application Server Manager).

Step 2: Select the NAS service in the left menu and click the 'Start' service on the right: 

Starting NAS Service 

The service status should change to 'Started'. When this does not happen or when it changes back to 'Stopped' after a few seconds, please check the 'Event Viewer' for a problem description.

Even if service status changes to 'Started' again, it is strongly recommended to check the log file in the 'Event Viewer' to be sure that your NAS service started without problems.
Viewing Event Description