Prepare AX Server Environment

Open 'Prepare AX Server Environment' wizard, choose your AX version and service to see more information.

Create Domain Accounts

To keep the production server secure, Sana Commerce requires that two domain accounts should be created. This is necessary to limit the rights of the users.  

The first account is a business connector proxy account, which is used to run AX web service.

The second account is the AX account, which is used to access Microsoft Dynamics AX.

From now on these two accounts will be referred to as SC_BusinessProxyUser and SC_AxUser.

These two accounts should be created on the AX server.

The account setup recommendations:

  • Must be a Windows domain account;
  • Must be a dedicated account (for example if it is a Business Connector proxy account then it should be used only by Business Connector);
  • Must have a password that does not expire;
  • Must not have interactive logon rights.