Prepare NAV Server Environment

Open 'Prepare NAV Server Environment' wizard, choose your NAV version and service to see more information.


You can use the following checklist to see whether your Microsoft Dynamics NAV environment meets the hardware, software and network requirements. Next paragraphs will help you to fulfill this checklist:

NAV Server Environment for Sana Commerce
  Do you configure the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 three-tier environment on two or three computers?
        Does the NAV server environment meet the hardware requirements (specify the server specifications)?
  Is a supported operating system installed on the NAV server (specify the installed operating system)?
  Is .Net Framework 4.0 installed on the NAV server?
  Are the necessary accounts created?
  Are SPNs configured?
  Is Delegation configured?
  Is the login added to SQL Server?
  Is the Object Change Listener (OCL) set?
  Is Microsoft Dynamics NAV client installed?
  Are Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web services installed?
  Are Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web services configured?
  Are multiple Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Server services needed to be setup?