Developer Workstation Installation

Open 'Developer Workstation Installation' wizard, choose your scenario to see more provider-related information of the installation manual.

Enable Sana Commerce

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can work with several companies. The companies can be stored in the same database or in different databases.

In case of a multi-company solution when only one company uses Sana Commerce, the Sana Commerce functionality can be disabled for other companies. Thus the companies which do not use Sana Commerce are not influenced by Sana Commerce functionality.

Sana Commerce can be enabled/disabled in Microsoft Dynamics NAV at the following location: Departments -> Webshop -> Setup:

The 'Sana Commerce Setup' Window

By default the Sana Commerce functionality in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is disabled.

When you enable Sana Commerce you will be asked whether you want to set the default data validation rules and refresh the products orderability information. You can do it at once or later manually from the 'Data Validation Rules' and 'Webshop Catalog Overview' tables. If you do not set the default data validation rules when you enable Sana Commerce, the products orderability information will not be refreshed also.

When Sana Commerce is disabled all fields and options on the pages added by Sana Commerce become invisible and the Sana Commerce webshop does not work.

In the log file there will be a message: 'The Sana Commerce functionality is currently disabled for: [Host Name] [Database Name] [Company Name]. Please check Sana Commerce Setup.'