Install Sana Commerce Webshop on Web and Database Server

Open 'Install Sana Commerce Webshop on Web and Database Server' wizard, choose your solution and scenario to see more provider-related information.

Application and Webshop Installation

To install the Sana Commerce solution using the installer (the Sana Commerce application and webshop):

Step 1: Run the 'Sana Commerce Installer.exe' file from the installation package:

Sana Commerce Installer

Step 2: Specify the 'Application root path' where the Sana Commerce solution will be installed.

Step 3: Specify the 'Frontend application name' which is used for the web site name in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

Step 4: Specify the database connection parameters:

  • Server name: the name of the SQL server database instance;
  • Database name: the name of the SQL database. Enter the new database name or select the existing one (in this case it will be re-created). Do not use interword spaces in the database name.

    Windows Authentication should be used to retrieve the list of database names.

Step 5: In the 'Log on to server' section set the administrator credentials of the SQL database.

Step 6: Specify the database user credentials:

  • Database user;
  • Database user password.

This user is automatically created in the database as a database owner. The database user is connected to the Sana Commerce database. Non-existing user name must be specified.

Step 7: Define on which domains the webshop will be running. Several domains can be specified. To separate the domains use the ';' character.

The first domain is used as the default one.

If localhost domain is used for running the webshop, the Default Web Site in Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager must be stopped.

Step 8: Select the deployment type:

To access the frontend and backoffice when anonymous authentication is disabled a user must have read & write rights for the folder selected for deployment. Use these user's credentials for the NT popup.

  • beta: the webshop and backoffice are externally accessible, but anonymous authentication in IIS is disabled for both to prevent unauthorized access;
  • live: the webshop is publicly accessible, but anonymous authentication for the backoffice in IIS is disabled to prevent unauthorized access;
  • test: used for the test needs. The webshop and backoffice are not externally accessible. Thus the anonymous authentication for the backoffice and webshop is enabled in IIS.

Step 9: Click on the 'Run installation' button.

After the installation process is finished you will see the pop-up with the message whether the installation is finished successfully or failed.

If the installation is finished successfully the Web installer will open in the default browser. Follow the wizard to complete the Sana Commerce installation:

Sana Commerce Web Installer

In the Web installer you should follow the next steps:

1  Connector / Provider Selection
Shop Details
Mail Settings
Admin Password

On the last step you will see the links to the additional configuration steps which should be performed. Please follow these links of the Sana Online Help to complete the installation and configuration of Sana Commerce.

If the installation is failed please check the 'Status' section in the 'Sana Commerce Installer v8.2' window to see what led to the installation failure.

There are system names which cannot be used in a virtual directory name. For example: shop, profile, checkout.
If you create a virtual directory in IIS, do not use system names in the virtual directory names. Otherwise, this will cause problems with running the frontend.