Install Sana Commerce Webshop on Web and Database Server

Open 'Install Sana Commerce Webshop on Web and Database Server' wizard, choose your solution and scenario to see more provider-related information.

Configure the Customer Indexing Task

The 'Customer indexing task' is used to retrieve the list of all customers/contacts/sales agents from your Microsoft Dynamics ERP (NAV/AX) system.

For the detailed information about the task, see 'Customer Indexing Task'.

The 'Customer Indexing Task' is configured in the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce backoffice.

Below is the description of the 'Customer indexing task' configuration section in the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce backoffice:

<task name="IndexCustomers"
      title="Customer indexing task"
      type="Sana.Commerce.Tasks.IndexCustomerAccountsTask, Sana.Commerce.Tasks.TaskScheduler"
Parameter Description
time/interval The daily time or period (in seconds) when the 'Customer indexing task' should be run automatically.
batchSize The quantity of customers which are handled in one batch.
allowManualStart This parameter is 'true' by default and it specifies that the task can be started manually in the Sana Commerce backoffice.
sortNumber The sort order in which the scheduled tasks are arranged in the Sana Commerce backoffice.
websiteId The website identifier in the database.

By default the 'Customer indexing task' is configured for the default 'SanaStore' website ID. If you have a different website ID of your webshop, you should change the default one.

If you have a multi-shop solution, the 'Customer indexing task' configuration should be added for each webshop with a correct website Id.