Prepare AX Server Environment

Open 'Prepare AX Server Environment' wizard, choose your AX version and service to see more information.

AX License Requirements

Depending on the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX, additional Microsoft licenses may be required to run Sana Commerce. The information in this chapter is accurate as known to us at the moment of writing. Informing the customer, installation and support of these licenses is the responsibility of the Dynamics reseller.

Depending on AX setup and required web shop scenario, the following Microsoft licenses are required:

Configuration Connection Required Microsoft licenses
Dynamics AX 2009
module based,
business essentials,
advanced management
business connector + web services
  • Business Connector
    SKU 109000195 

Web shop scenario Required Microsoft licenses
External customers (B2B/ B2C)
  • External Connector
    SKU 108020283
Internal users (Sales agents)
  • Light user, per internal user
    SKU 108076888