InstallationPrepare NAV Server EnvironmentConfigure NAV Server Account

Prepare NAV Server Environment

Open 'Prepare NAV Server Environment' wizard, choose your NAV version and service to see more information.

Configure NAV Server Account

To keep the production server secure two Windows user should be created. This is necessary to limit the rights of the users and thus to enhance the production server security.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server account

When you install Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, you must identify the active directory account to provide credentials for the server. By default, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server runs under the Network Service account. It is recommended to create a domain user account to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. This account should not be an administrator either in the domain or on any local computer. A dedicated domain user account is considered more secure because no other services and therefore no other users have permissions for this account.

From now on, in this installation guide, we will use a domain user account to run Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server and as an example we will use 'SC_Navuser' name for this user.

Configure the rights for the SC_Navuser (a user under whom Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running):

Step 1: Open SQL Server Management Studio and connect to the instance where the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database is installed.

Step 2: Create a login for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server account.

Step 3: Add the login as a user on the master database.

Step 4: Grant the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server login permissions on the master database. Grant 'Select' permissions for this user under the properties of the 'dbo.$ndo$srvproperty' system table.

Step 5: Grant the login the following database roles on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database: db_datareader, db_datawriter, db_ddladmin.

Step 6: Under the permissions properties of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database, on the 'Explicit' tab grant the 'View database state' permissions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server login.

For the detailed information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server account and database privileges, see 'Provisioning the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Account' on the MSDN Library.

Configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server to run under SC_Navuser:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Windows Services console.

Step 2: Select 'Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server' service and open its properties.

Step 3: Under the 'General' tab select 'Automatic' startup type.

Step 4: Under the 'Log On' tab, select 'This account' option and specify the SC_Navuser.

Step 5: Restart the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service.