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Prepare SAP Environment

  Open 'Prepare SAP Environment' wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.

Install Sana Web Service

Sana Commerce is integrated with SAP Business One via Web service implemented and delivered by Sana. Sana Web service for SAP Business One is hosted in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager. It should be installed on the SAP Business One server environment.


  • Sana Web service
  • PowerShell 4.0

To set up Sana Web service for SAP Business One:

Step 1: Extract the 'SanaWebService' zip package to the C:\ drive.

Step 2: Run the 'InstallSapService.Bat' Windows batch file with the administrator privileges from the 'SanaWebService' folder. This script will guide you through the Sana Web service installation process and prompt you for any required input.

You will be asked to enter the following information:

  • Host and port on which the Sana Web service will be running
  • SQL Server name the SAP system connects to
  • SQL database name
  • Database type (it can be one of the following: dst_MSSQL, dst_MSSQL2005, dst_MSSQL2008, dst_MSSQL2012, dst_HANADB)
  • SQL database user credentials (user name and password)
  • SAP user credentials - this is the user that is described in the previous article and which is used for Web service authentication.
  • Database localization (it should be in the following format: ln_English / ln_English_Gb / ln_Dutch)
  • SAP License Server name

This script will publish the Web service contents, create a web site and application pool in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager that is hosting the Sana Web service.

When the installation process is finished the Sana Web service will automatically open in the Web browser. If you can see the Web service information page, then Sana Web service has been installed successfully.

Sana Web Service

    If the Sana Web service is hosted on the IIS version below 7.5 you need to comment out the following line of code in the 'Web.config' file of the Sana Web service:

<extendedProtectionPolicy policyEnforcement="Always"></extendedProtectionPolicy>

    It is recommended to secure your Web service with the SSL certificate to protect SAP system communications. For more information, see 'SSL for SAP B1 Web Service'.

InstallationPrepare SAP EnvironmentInstall Sana Web Service