InstallationPrepare SAP EnvironmentPrepare SAP System Landscape

Prepare SAP Environment

  Open 'Prepare SAP Environment' wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.

Prepare SAP System Landscape

SAP ECC and the Server where the system landscape is hosted should be already installed and backed up with the latest copy of complete SAP system in order to be able to easily recover to initial system state if needed. There should be also at least one available Test (DEV/QAS) SAP environment in order to carry out the initial Sana add-on installation/testing, before installation on the Live (PROD) SAP system can take place.

Please, make sure that the SAP SOAMANAGER is set up and configured to be used externally/within the system landscape. To set up the SOA Manager to work within a system landscape, at first you need to set up at least one connection and a user account. You can find more information on how to set it up on the SAP help portal. If for some reasons SAP ECC and system landscape server are not installed yet, refer to the official SAP installation guide.

InstallationPrepare SAP EnvironmentPrepare SAP System Landscape