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Sana License Information

Sana Commerce 9.0
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Sana Commerce Cloud Hosting

Hosting of the Sana Commerce solution in the cloud is included in the Sana Commerce license. Our team of hosting experts provide quick deployment, connecting the Sana Commerce solution to the Internet and, more importantly, to your ERP system. In addition, our team professionally manages and maintains the hosting environment 24/7.

  • There are two types of the hosting services that we provide depending on your Sana Commerce license: Professional and Enterprise.
  • Once you reach the hosting capacity of your license package, Sana Commerce will contact you to upgrade to another package or help you reduce your usage.
  • Exceeding the number of products and / or visitors per month will be considered overuse and you will need to move to a different package.
  • Usage calculations are based on the sum of all products and / or visitors from all your webstores in your environment.




Number of products

0 - 5,000 *

0 - 20,000 *

Number of monthly visitors

0 - 25,000 *

0 - 150,000 *

24x7 server / service monitoring

24x7 hosting support

Setup in Azure datacenter closest to your ERP installation

24x7 security monitoring and DDoS protection

PCI DSS compliance

Priority hosting support


Monthly performance report





Standard Enterprise

Response time

4 hours

30 minutes

Resolution time

8 hours

4 hours

Backup retention plan

2 weeks

8 weeks

Azure redundancy option




E-mails capacity monthly



SLA availability provided by Microsoft for read and write requests



Hardware configuration

1 active server

Hot Spare - Disaster recovery plan (2 installations deployed over 2 separate regions, 1 is active, both are in sync)

SSL setup

Single domain with multiple subdomains

2 main domains with multiple subdomains


Additional Packages

Web Application Firewall Professional



Contact the Sana Commerce Sales Team for more information.

Web Application Firewall Enterprise

Extra 50K e-mails monthly

Extra SSL setup with 1 main domain and multiple subdomains

* If number of products and visitors is higher than in the table above, please contact the Sana Commerce Sales Team to make the necessary changes.

Knowledge BaseSana License Information