Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open 'Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment' wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Activate BC Sets Content

The Sana add-on is always loaded into client 000, together with BC Set which contains the client dependent customizing. It is necessary to activate the Business Configuration Set that was implemented in client 000.

When the Sana add-on is loaded, the BC Set has to be activated in the customizing client. This activation results in customizing tables to be filled and a customizing transport containing these customizing entries.

In order to activate Sana BC Set in the customizing client, call the transaction SCPR20 and enter the following BC Set name /SANAECOM/CONFIG. Afterwards, click Activate BC Set (F7) and assign a proper customizing TR.

If you are doing a fresh installation, you may select to activate the BC Set by choosing option Overwrite All Data with Default Mode. However, if you are doing the add-on upgrade, please proceed with Do Not Overwrite Default Values in Default Mode.

To check if the BC Set was properly activated in a relevant client, call the transaction SM30 and open the tables /sanaecom/vadopv and /SANAECOM/adop.

If you see the contents of the tables, then the business configuration set was properly activated. If you don't see the contents of the tables, then please try to activate the business configuration set one more time.