Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open 'Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment' wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Configure Sana Commerce Add-on

When the Sana Commerce add-on is installed you should see the Web Store module in the main menu of the SAP Business One client.

Enable Sana Commerce

Step 1: In SAP Business One click: Web Store > Setup > Parameters.

Step 2: In the Parameters window select the Enable Sana Commerce checkbox.

Sana Commerce Setup

This option enables Sana Commerce functionality in SAP Business One. When Sana Commerce is enabled all Sana Commerce related windows, fields and settings become available in SAP Business One.

Configure DI Server settings

The table below provides description of the required DI Server settings:

Field Description
SAP Super User Enter credentials of the SAP Business One user.
SAP Password
Database Password (for SAP) Enter the SQL (HANA) database user password.
Locale Specify language culture name of the database. The list of all language culture names can be found here.

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