Install Sana inside GP

Open the wizard 'Install Sana inside GP' wizard, to see more information.

Test GP Web Service

When the Sana add-on has been installed inside Microsoft Dynamics GP and the services have been restarted, you need to test the Web service which is used to establish connection between Sana and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Identify the Web service URL

The Web service URL should be in the following format:


In the Web service URL you need to specify:

  • Domain with a protocol (http/https) on which Microsoft Dynamics GP Web service is running.
  • Tenant name. If you are using a single tenant setup, then it is DefaultTenant.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP company name Sana connects to.

Test the Web service

When you have identified the Web service URL, you can test the Web service.

Open the Web service URL in the Web browser. Add 'Help' to the URL after the company name.


If the Web service works fine, you should see the following page:

      The Web service URL should be specified in the ERP connection settings in Sana Admin. Send the Web service URL to the person who is responsible for the Sana web store maintenance and who will connect the Sana web store to Microsoft Dynamics GP.