InstallationPrepare AX Environment

Prepare AX Environment

AX Web Service Installation

Microsoft Dynamics AX web service and .NET Business Connector should be installed on the same computer.

Step 1: Locate the AX web service application files, which can be found in the 'Services\AX' folder in the Sana Commerce installation package.

Step 2: Copy the contents of this folder to the new folder (e.g. 'AXService') at the IIS working directory (by default C:\inetpub).

Step 3: Open Internet Information Service (IIS) manager (Start -> Run -> inetmgr).

Step 4: Add new application pool. Select '.NET Framework v4.0.30319' from the dropdown and 'Classic' pipeline mode:

Adding New Application Pool

Step 5: Select the newly created application pool and click on 'Advanced Settings...'. In the advanced settings of the application pool locate the 'Identity' field under the 'Process Model' tab. Configure the application pool to run under the same account, which is used to run the Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server Windows service. For more information, see 'Create Domain Accounts'.

Step 6: Add new website for AX web service. Select the newly created application pool and specify physical path to the folder where the web service was copied:

Website for AX Web Service

Step 7: Configure authentication settings for the website. You should enable Windows Authentication for the website, all other types of authentication should be disabled.

Step 8: Modify the web service configuration file of AX ('web.config'). In the <appSettings> section specify the Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server (AOS):

    <add key="objectServer" value="INSTANCENAME@SERVERNAME:PORT"/>
To identify object server open Microsoft Dynamics AX Configuration Utility with administrator rights. On the 'Connection' tab you can observe available AOS instances.

Step 9: In the web service configuration file ('web.config') locate the <assemblies> and <runtime> sections and uncomment those lines which relate to your AX version.

The Microsoft Dynamics AX Web services that are implemented by Sana Commerce support AX user native impersonation. If you use the three-tier architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX and install Application Object Server (AOS) and Web services on different computers you should enable AX user native impersonation. For more information, see 'AX User Native Impersonation'.

If you use the three-tier architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX and install Application Object Server (AOS) and Web services on different computers that are located in a secure network (demilitarized zone), then you need to specify the Microsoft Dynamics AX user account credentials in the Web services configuration file. For more information, see 'AX Three-Tier Environment and DMZ'.

Step 10: To test the newly created web service, select the created AX application in IIS and switch to the content view mode. Select the 'AXService.svc' file and click 'Browse'. Web service information page should be displayed in the default browser:

Web Service Testing

If the following error message occurred: 'Could not find a base address that matches scheme https for the endpoint with binding basicHttpBinding. Registered base address schemes are [http].' SSL should be configured in IIS.

If you do not use SSL for AX web service, delete 'AX_SSL' binding and endpoint from the 'web.config' file of the AX web service.

If you want to configure AX web service to use SSL, then read 'SSL Certificate for AX Web Services'.

InstallationPrepare AX Environment