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Prepare AX Environment

Create Domain Accounts

To keep the production server secure, Sana Commerce requires that two domain accounts should be created. This is necessary to limit the rights of the users.  

The first account is used to run the Microsoft Dynamics AX Object Server Windows service. You can use any name for AOS service account. This account is used to communicate with the database server. Thus, you should run AOS under this account. You should also use this account to run the application pool of the custom web service that is delivered by Sana Commerce. When you get to the 'AX Web Service Installation' step and will setup the web service, use the account which is used to run AOS service also to run the web service application pool.

The second account is the AX account, which is used to access Microsoft Dynamics AX. From now the AX account will be referred to as SC_AxUser.

Note that these accounts are just the examples and you can use any usernames instead.

These two accounts should be created on the AX server.

The account setup recommendations:

  • Must be a Windows domain account
  • Must be a dedicated account
  • Must have a password that does not expire
The Microsoft Dynamics AX Web services that are implemented by Sana Commerce support AX user native impersonation. By default native impersonation is enabled. Therefore, the account must be able to log on as a service. For more information about native impersonation, see 'Enable/Disable Native Impersonation'.
InstallationPrepare AX Environment