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Prepare AX Environment

Install the .NET Business Connector

The .NET Business Connector for Microsoft Dynamics AX enables applications to interact with Application Object Server (AOS) instances by providing a set of managed classes that facilitate access to X++ functionality.

The .NET Business Connector is installed automatically for Microsoft Dynamics AX components that require it. The .NET Business Connector can also be installed as a stand-alone component and used to develop third-party applications that integrate with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

You must install the .NET Business Connector on each computer where the integrated application is installed. The application will then communicate with the AOS through the .NET Business Connector instance on the local computer.

Use this procedure to install the .NET Business Connector. If you are installing other Microsoft Dynamics AX components at the same time, the installation screens vary based on the components that you are installing.

To install the .NET Business Connector:

Step 1: Run Microsoft Dynamics AX installer and follow the wizard.

Step 2: On the 'Select installation type' page click 'Custom installation' and then click 'Next'.

Step 3: On the 'Select components' page select '.NET Business Connector' and click 'Next':

Component Installation

Step 4: On the 'Prerequisite validation results' page resolve any errors. If a check box is available in the 'Configure' column, select it and then click the 'Configure' button
to resolve the issue.

Step 5: On the 'Select a file location' page click 'Next' to accept the default location or click 'Browse' to specify the other location.

Step 6: .NET Business Connector is a type of Microsoft Dynamics AX client. If it is the first client you are installing it is required to set the display language. On the 'Select a display language' page select the language which will be used in Microsoft Dynamics AX. If you later decide to change the language, you can modify the display language from within the client.

Step 7: On the 'Connect to AOS instance' page enter the name of the computer that is running the Application Object Server (AOS) instance that you want to connect to. You can optionally specify the name of the AOS instance, the TCP/IP port number, and the WSDL port for services. Click 'Next'.

Step 8: On the 'Prerequisite validation results' page resolve any errors.

Step 9: On the 'Ready to install' page, click 'Install'.

If all steps have been followed and performed then the .NET Business Connector is installed.

InstallationPrepare AX Environment