Prepare GP Environment

Open 'Prepare GP Environment' wizard to see more information.

Create GP User

In Microsoft Dynamics GP you need to create a user which is used to access GP and establish connection between Sana and GP.

      The credentials of this user should be specified in the ERP connection settings in Sana Admin. Send the credentials of this user (username and password) to the person who is responsible for the Sana web store maintenance and who will connect the Sana web store to Microsoft Dynamics GP.

To create a user in Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Step 1: Click: Administration > Setup > System > User.

Step 2: Enter User ID and User Name.

Step 3: On the Directory Account tab select the existing Windows account. Only the user in Microsoft Dynamics GP with the Windows account can be used for the Web service connection between Sana and Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Step 4: In the Status field, select Active.

Step 5: In the User Type field, select Full.

Step 6: In the Home Page Role field, assign the user to a user role. The user role determines the content that is displayed on a user's home page by default.

Step 7: Click Save to save the user record.

Step 8: Click: Administration > Setup > System > User Access.

Step 9: In the User Access Setup window select the user you have created and grant company rights to this user.

Step 10: Click: Administration > Setup > System > User Security.

Step 11: In the User Security Setup window assign the POWERUSER security role to the user you have created.