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Prepare SAP Environment

  Open 'Prepare SAP Environment' wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.

Check SAP System Component Information

Sana Commerce provides seamless integration with all ECC 6.0 versions (SAP Business Suite & SAP Business All-in-One).

It is required that ECC 6.0 system is deployed on the technology platform such as SAP NetWeaver.

By default we support the following Enhancement Packages and Basis components of ECC 6.0:

SAP NetWeaver SAP 6.0 EHP Available*
7.0 - TBD
7.0 1 TBD
7.0 2 TBD
7.0 3 TBD
7.3 - Yes
7.3 1 Yes
7.4 - Yes

* The add-on has been released and fully tested only on one of the latest EHP's 7 and Basis 740. Though, our add-on is allegedly supported on 7.0 NetWeaver as well, it is a responsibility of a partner/customer together with Sana to test the add-on and make necessary adjustments, if needed, on a project basis, to ensure 100% add-on compatibility with the customer's system.

The SAP ERP editions lower than ECC 6.0 (e.g. R/3) are not supported. Integration can be extended on a project basis within a certain time line.

Please note, that industry specific SAP ECC features, for example material variants in SAP for Retail, are not supported out of the box in Sana.

InstallationPrepare SAP EnvironmentCheck SAP System Component Information