Prepare SAP Environment

  Open 'Prepare SAP Environment' wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.


You can use the following checklist to see whether your SAP system landscape meets the hardware, software and network requirements. Next paragraphs will help you to fulfill this checklist:

 SAP Server Environment for Sana Commerce
      Does your SAP_Basis/EHP meet the required version/release supported by Sana?
  Does the SAP server environment meet the hardware requirements (identify server specifications)?
  Does the SAP server environment meet the software requirements?
  Is NetWeaver Business Client / SAP GUI installed?
  Is SAP Server installed?
  Is SAP Server configured?
  Is SAP ICM for Web services configured?
  Is SAP Platform User License arranged with your SAP account manager?
  Is SAP system completely backed up with the latest system copy for possible recovery?
  Does SAP landscape have at least one available test (DEV/QA) environment for add-on installation / testing?