InstallationInstall Sana Add-on in SAP EnvironmentCreate SAP Service Web User Account (SU01)

Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open 'Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment' wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Create SAP Service Web User Account (SU01)

In order to establish secure connection between the Sana Commerce Framework and your SAP landscape, a dedicated user has to be defined with the relevant permissions in your SAP system, which will be used for Web service authorization and to allow access via the Sana Web service to the SAP system business logic.

SAP user account

In order to create and configure SAP user account for Sana you should follow the standard steps/procedure in the User Maintenance (SU01) transaction. Please, note that the steps below are only recommendations and the specific approach should be decided by a customer and SAP partner. You may also decide to re-use the existing 'technical'/service user account if it has already been created.

Step 1: Call the User Maintenance (SU01) transaction to create a user for the Web service authentication.

Step 2: Enter the user name and password.

Step 3: It is recommended to create a Sana user with the Service user type under the Logon Data tab. If you will need to debug the requests coming from Sana through this SAP user, then you should select the Dialog user type.

Step 4: Set up user permissions. You have two options:

  1. You can assign SAP_ALL and SAP_NEW authorization profiles under the Profiles tab. This approach is not recommended, because SAP_ALL is a composite profile which contains all SAP authorizations, meaning that a user with this profile can perform all tasks in the SAP system.
  2. In case you would like to limit the rights of the Sana user to those which are only required for the correct functioning of the Sana web store, please assign 3 roles listed below:
  • /SANAECOM/SERVICE_ROLL (This role is not available by default. We can provide you on demand the list of all authorizations that should be added to the /SANAECOM/SERVICE_ROLL role.)

    On the screenshot below you can see which authorizations are available in the role /SANAECOM/SERVICE_ROLL.


Step 5: Make sure that the service user has the correct values set in the date/time format which corresponds to your default SAP format (identical to the Culture ID field in the SANAECOM table: System Attributes). For more information, see 'System Attributes'.

Here you can find a list of Microsoft Locale ID values. For example, if the default Culture ID has been set to '1043 - Dutch', these are the default parameters that should be configured:

  • Decimal Notation: 1.234.567,89
  • Date Format: DD.MM.YYYY
  • Time Format: 24 Hour Format (Example: 12:05:10)

The user created in SAP should be specified in the connection settings in Sana Admin: Tools > ERP connection. For more information, see 'ERP Connection'.

InstallationInstall Sana Add-on in SAP EnvironmentCreate SAP Service Web User Account (SU01)