Prepare SAP Environment

  Open "Prepare SAP Environment" wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.

SAP Company User

To use the Sana add-on in SAP Business One, you must have a Superuser with the Professional license. We suggest, as a best practice, to set up an additional dedicated SAP user for this purpose. It is possible to use the existing "manager" user but is not our recommendation due to SAP's licensing mechanism. This user is used to log in to SAP Business One and it communicates directly through the DI Server. For more details on SAP licensing, please consult your partner and see SAP note 1815509.

To set up users in SAP Business One, click: Administration > Setup > General > Users.

You will also need to enter the credentials of this user while installing and configuring the Sana Web service for SAP Business One.