Prepare SAP Environment

  Open "Prepare SAP Environment" wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.

System Requirements

Hardware requirements

Usually, Sana ABAP add-on does not incur noticeable performance load on your SAP landscape. However, if you would like to estimate precisely the potential load that can be imposed on your SAP database, we can provide you with Excel spreadsheet in order to calculate average amount of requests in peak hours on your web shop. This data is used in 'Quick Sizer' (SAP web based tool) in order to conduct precise sizing of your SAP system hardware specifications needed to process the desired number of orders that will be coming from Sana.

Software requirements

In order to find the relevant guide for the software requirements based on SAP NetWeaver by relevant database, please refer to the official SAP installation guide. Please note that there is no need to install any additional software in your SAP landscape in order to use Sana besides the standard set of SAP 3rd party application related tools, preferably running on the latest version.


To secure data communications between Sana and SAP using SSL, the server which hosts the SAP Web service must support TLS 1.2. The SAP Web service must run over HTTPS.