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Sana Commerce 9.2
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Sana Enterprise License

Sana Commerce introduces the Enterprise edition for customers with a high traffic webstore that allows to install Sana on multiple servers to increase performance and reliability.

Below you can see the comparison table of different Sana Commerce editions:

  Sana Commerce Sana Commerce
Load balanced
Sana Enterprise
High availability
Sana Enterprise
Hosting location 1 datacenter only 1 datacenter only Unlimited datacenters allowed Unlimited datacenters allowed
number of servers
1 active server 2 active servers 1 active server
1 passive server
2 or more active servers
Number of licenses
1 2 1 2 or more
Peak usage
(order lines per hour)
Max. 4.000 Max. 8.000 From 4.000 From 8.000
Optimized for large orders Optional Optional Included Included
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