Sana Commerce 9.2
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Configure Midtrans

When the Midtrans payment provider is installed it should be configured in Sana Admin.

To configure Midtrans:

Step 1: In Sana Admin click: Setup > Ordering & checkout > Payment methods > Configuration > Midtrans.

Step 2: Choose the appropriate payment integration mode.

There are two modes: test and live. Test mode allows to simulate the payment process as if it is a real payment and helps to make sure that everything will behave the same way when you go live. Live mode implies that a customer makes a real purchase using already configured payment provider and methods.

Step 3: Configure the Midtrans payment provider by entering the payment provider specific settings of the test/ live account.

The table below provides the description of the Midtrans payment provider fields.

Field Description
ServerKey Server Key is needed to communicate with VT-Web. This key is auto generated by system and can be seen in the Midtrans Merchant Admin Portal (MAP) under: Settings > Access Keys.
SendOrderLines Use this setting to show/hide the sales lines (purchased products, service charge, tax, invoice discount, etc.) on the Midtrans payment page.

Possible values:

  • True
  • False
CreditCardBins List of credit card BINs (Bank Identification Number) or issuing bank name that can be used on VT-Web.

All BINs can have 1-8 digits.

To separate multiple values use the comma character ','.

ExpiryDuration Time duration the payment will remain valid.
ExpiryUnit Unit for expiry duration.

Possible values:

  • minute
  • hour
  • day

When Midtrans is installed and configured you can set up the necessary payment methods in Sana Admin that are supported by Midtrans.