Sana Commerce 9.2
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Set up Midtrans Test Account

There are a few prerequisite that you should complete before integrating with Midtrans:

Step 1: Register for Midtrans Sandbox account.

Sandbox is utilized for development period. Data and transaction made on this account will not trigger an actual purchase. Register for Midtrans Sandbox account here.

Step 2: Fill in the required information in the Midtrans Merchant Administration Portal (MAP) under: Settings > General Settings.

Step 3: Take a note of your account Access Keys under: Settings > Access Keys.

Step 4: Configure redirection URL under: Settings > Configuration.

Customer will be returned to your web site after payment process is completed.

Configure redirection URL in the following way:

Name URL
Payment Notification URL http://[your web store domain]/confirm/midtrans
Finish Redirect URL http://[your web store domain]/checkout/ordersubmit
Unfinish Redirect URL http://[your web store domain]/checkout/ordersubmit
Error Redirect URL http://[your web store domain]/checkout/orderfailed


Please enter the URLs with the http:// or https:// protocol.

Finish, Unfinish and Error Redirect URLs are optional. They will be automatically used by Sana.