Sana Commerce 9.3
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Languages and Translations

Sana is a multi-lingual e-commerce solution. When you install it, the Sana web store is available in English. But you can install the language pack and create your web store content in any language.

To install the necessary language, in Sana Admin click: Apps > Languages > Webstore.

For more information, see "Languages".

If your webstore is available in different languages, you must set up them also in SAP ECC to retrieve translations and show them in the web store.  In the main menu of the Sana add-on in SAP ECC (/n/sanaecom/webstore), click Webstore Configuration.

In the Webstore Id field, select your webstore and click on the Change Webstore Settings button at the top. Expand the Webstore Settings area. In the Language Mapping table select the countries (languages) which you are using in your web store.


In Sana 9.3.0 and 9.3.1 you need to map SAP language culture names to the Windows Locale IDs in the Language Mapping table.