Install Sana Add-on in AX Environment

Open 'Install Sana Commerce on AX Environment' wizard, choose you AX version and service to see more information.

Sana Commerce Startup Wizard

The initial settings should be configured, when the Sana Commerce add-on is installed on top of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Sana Commerce provides a wizard in Microsoft Dynamics AX that guides you through the main settings that are necessary for the correct functioning of the Sana Commerce webshop.
All settings that are presented in the Sana Commerce startup wizard are also available on different Microsoft Dynamics AX forms and can be configured individually.

To open the Sana Commerce startup wizard click: Webshop > Setup > Sana Commerce startup wizard.

Sana Commerce Startup Wizard

This wizard guides through the following steps:

No. Name Description
1 Webshop settings Create and configure the webshop. Specify the webshop name, template customer and the default payment code, ledger accounts for payment and shipping costs.
For more information, see 'Configure the Webshop'.
2 Default webshop settings On this step you can set the default webshop settings. These settings determine how inventory is calculated, which site and warehouse to take, either from the customers or the deault ones, order processing types, retail and other settings. These settings can be also changed on the 'Webshops' form in the 'Webshop' menu item.
For more information, see 'Configure the Webshop'.
3 Webshop optimization Once a Sana webshop is connected to Microsoft Dynamics AX, it uses the business logic of your AX system. There might be the case, that you do not want to use some of the Microsoft Dynamics AX functionality and data in your webshop. Use Webshop optimization to improve performance of your webshop.
For more information, see 'Webshop Optimization'.
4 Language mapping parameters Configure language mapping between Microsoft Dynamics AX and Sana Commerce framework. This is needed to convert the language IDs used in Microsoft Dynamics AX to the Windows language IDs format.
For more information, see 'Sana Commerce Parameters'.
5 Customer assortment Set up customer assortment rules. Allow or deny a specific product or item group to be visible to an individual customer or customer group.
For more information, see 'Customer Assortment'.
6 Country/region setup Make countries visible in webshop to be available for customer registration, entering a shipping address and creating a prospect order.
For more information, see 'Countries'.
7 Unit of measure setup Make units of measure visible/invisible in webshop. In the webshop a customer can select a unit of measure for a product to be delivered.
For more information, see 'Units of Measure'.
8 Currency setup Make currencies visible/invisible in webshop. The default currency and all currencies that are set to Visible in webshop are indexed. If a currency is specified for a customer and it is visible in webshop, a customer will see prices in the currency set on the Customers form.
For more information, see 'Currencies'.
9 Data validation rules Generate the default data validation rules and configure additional rules if necessary. Only data that satisfies the selected criteria can be processed.
For more information, see 'Data Validation Rules'.

If all the necessary configurations are done, then your webshop is ready for trading. You can change any settings individually on the related forms in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

If the products catalog is ready and items are set to Visible in webshop, then update the webshop index by running the Product import task in Sana Admin. For more information, see 'Product import'.