Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open "Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment" wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Install Sana Commerce Add-on

To install the Sana Commerce add-on on the SAP Business One workstation:

Step 1: Click Administration > Add-Ons > Add-On Manager.

Step 2: Under the Pending Add-Ons tab select the Sana Commerce add-on.

Add-on Manager

Step 3: Click Install. This may take some time, thus do not close SAP Business One until the Sana add-on is installed.

Step 4: When the Sana Commerce add-on is installed you need to restart the SBO DI Server service using the SAP Business One Service Manager.

SAP Business One Service Manager

You have installed the Sana Commerce add-on on your SAP Business One workstation. SAP Business One starts the add-on automatically, but you can also start it manually from the Add-On Manager window under the Installed Add-Ons tab.

Add-On Manager

When the add-on is started its status is set to Connected.

After you finish installing Sana, the first time you should run all SAP Business One clients as a Windows administrator to copy the necessary Sana add-on files to your local computer.

If you need to install the Sana Commerce add-on on multiple company databases in SAP Business One, read the article 'Sana SAP B1: Multiple Companies'.

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