InstallationInstall Sana Add-on in SAP EnvironmentSana Add-on Installation (SAINT)

Install Sana Add-on in SAP Environment

  Open "Install Sana Commerce on SAP Environment" wizard and choose you SAP version to see more information.

Sana Add-on Installation (SAINT)

When SAP system landscape is ready, the Sana add-on can be loaded and installed using the SAP Add-on Installation Tool (SAINT).

Prepare for installation

The Sana add-on installation in SAP includes ABAP Objects, Service Definitions and Tables developed under our own /SANAECOM/ namespace. Therefore, the current code base in your system will not be overwritten.

System backup

We recommend to back up your SAP system before installing or upgrading the Sana add-on. In most cases the installation will be executed smoothly, but sometimes due to various system settings or errors the installation can be aborted. Therefore, it is necessary to have a system restoring mechanism.


  • Knowledge on how to use the SAINT transaction and its consequences.
  • SAP_ALL Authorizations in Client 000 (Working Client).
  • Access to your Customizing Client.
  • Developer account with SSCR key assigned in Development Client (can be a different account rather than the installation account used for 000 Client).

Digitally signed packages

Please refer to the SAP Note: 2645739

Sana partners or customers want to install the Sana add-on using one of SAP's installation tools (SAINT, SPAM, SUM), and the tool raises a warning that the package is not digitally signed.

But to date, SAP has not provided any mechanism to digitally sign packages released by SAP partners like Sana. Therefore, it is necessary that you download or request the Sana add-on for SAP only from a valid source and that you have also received a valid and unaltered package. When you receive this confirmation, you can continue despite the signature warning in the import tool.

Install the Sana add-on

Step 1: Place the .SAR file (Sana add-on) on the local SAP environment in order to be able to load it into SAINT.

Step 2: Log in to client: 000.

Step 3: Open the transaction: SAINT.

In the top menu click: Installation Package > Load packages > From Front End > Select. Select the .SAR file stored on the local environment or load from frontend. You will see the SAP GUI Security message asking you to grant access to this file. Click Allow.

Step 4: Click Decompress in the Content of the compressed file window where you will see the "Sana [version].SAR" file.

Afterwards, you should select the line with the SANAECOM add-on package and click Continue, and then click Continue again under the Support Package Selection tab.

Proceed to the Installation queue window by clicking Continue. You will get a notification screen asking: "Do you want to add Modification Adjustment Transports to the queue?" where you can click No (if none are applicable in your installation scenario).

After that, there will be a notification message informing you that the SANAECOM add-on is being installed. You can proceed by clicking the checkbox and wait till import request queue is finished. Click Finish to complete installation.

As a final step, you will be asked to run the SPDD check in order to validate whether there are no objects in your system that will be modified / overwritten based on the current add-on installation. When it is checked, you can confirm adjustments and proceed.

The result of the installation procedure should be presented in the notification message informing you that: "The Add-on Sana [version] was installed successfully".

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InstallationInstall Sana Add-on in SAP EnvironmentSana Add-on Installation (SAINT)