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Prepare AX Environment

Open 'Prepare AX Server Environment' wizard, choose your AX version and service to see more information.

AX License Requirements

Depending on the configuration of Microsoft Dynamics AX, additional Microsoft licenses may be required to run Sana Commerce. Informing the customer, installation and support of these licenses is the responsibility of the Dynamics reseller.

Sana Commerce does not accept any liability for the content of this page, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided. The information below should be interpreted as an example. No rights can be derived from this information.

Depending on AX setup and required web shop scenario, the following Microsoft licenses are required:

Configuration Connection Required Microsoft licenses
Dynamics AX 2012 business connector + web services
  • No license needed

Web shop scenario Required Microsoft licenses
External customers (B2B/ B2C)
  • No license needed
Internal users (Sales agents)
  • Functional User CAL, per internal user
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To allow sales agents to create prospects in the Sana web store and place quotes on behalf of the prospective customers, your Microsoft Dynamics AX license must contain the configuration key Sales and marketing series.


Please note that Microsoft Dynamics AX Retail functionality is also licensed by Sana. If you want to use the retail functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX such as price adjustments, various discounts, coupons and retail assortments, you must select the AX for retail add-on when you request the Sana license. Make sure that the retail add-on is included in your Sana license.

Only Sana Partners can request Sana licenses. If you are a customer, please contact your Sana Project Manager or Sana Partner.

InstallationPrepare AX EnvironmentAX License Requirements