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Prepare NAV Environment

Open 'Prepare NAV Server Environment' wizard, choose your NAV version and service to see more information.

MS Dynamics NAV Server Account

When you install Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, you must identify an Active Directory account to provide credentials for the server. By default, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 Setup runs Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server under the Network Service account.

Allow NAV user who runs Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server the access to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV database:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Dynamics NAV client and connect to the NAV administration with credentials that have enough rights to allow access to other users (the 'Super' or 'Security' role). Ask your system administrator, if you do not have access yourself.

Step 2: Open the 'Administration' department and then click on: IT Administration -> General -> Lists -> Users.

Step 3: Create the NAV user.

Step 4: Configure the appropriate authentication for the NAV user. The authentication type for the NAV user should be the same as the credential authorization mechanism that is configured for the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance.

For more information about Microsoft Dynamics NAV users and credential types, see 'Users and Credential Types' and 'How to: Create Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users' in the MSDN Library.

Step 5: Under the 'User Permission Sets' FastTab, define permission sets for the NAV user under whom Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running. The 'Permission Set' dropdown contains roles each having a collection of permissions for the specific objects in the database.

To see what permission set each role contains you can select a role in the 'Permission Set' dropdown and click on 'Permissions'. This way you can see permission set of a role and manage permissions for this role.

If you do not have an appropriate role for the user, with a correct set of permissions, then you can create one yourself and then assign it to the user. To create a role with a set of permissions go to: Administration -> IT Administration -> General -> Lists -> Permission Sets. For example you can create permission set 'SC-USER' and define a set of permissions as shown on the screenshot below:


Configure Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service to run under Active Directory account (SC_NAVUser):

Step 1: Open the Windows Services console.

Step 2: Select 'Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server' service and open its properties.

Step 3: Under the 'General' tab select 'Automatic' startup type.

Step 4: Under the 'Log On' tab select 'This account' and specify the user under whom Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server is running:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server Service Log On

Step 5: Restart Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server service.

InstallationPrepare NAV EnvironmentMS Dynamics NAV Server Account