Prepare SAP Environment

  Open "Prepare SAP Environment" wizard and choose your SAP version to see more information.


Sana for SAP Business One help wizard provides instructions and guidelines that will help you prepare the ERP server environment for the Sana add-on installation. It does not cover the installation of SAP Business One as this is a responsibility of the implementation company and we assume that it is already installed.

This manual provides information about license requirements, how to create SAP Business One company user, installation and configuration of the Sana Web service for SAP Business One.

From this installation manual you will learn how to connect Sana to SAP Business One using the Service Layer.


SAP Business One Service Layer can be used to connect to Sana starting from SAP Business One 9.3.

The objective of this guide is to have the SAP Business One server environment ready for the Sana add-on installation.