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Prepare SAP Environment

Check Approval Procedures

In SAP Business One it's possible to set up various approval procedures according to the needs of the company, for example to process sales documents using approval procedures. To check the setup of approval procedures in your system, click: Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > BP.

Each approval procedure is managed by a certain user in SAP Business One assigned to the approval template with a set of permissions. To check if the approval procedures are set for a certain user in SAP Business One, click: Administration > Approval Procedures > Approval Templates.

For more information about approval workflow and how to set up approval process, see "Approval Procedures".


If you need to use approval procedures in DI in your business processes, then make sure that the user which is used to log in to the SAP company the Sana add-on is assigned to, is not added as the originator to any approval template with the sales documents selected. Otherwise, customers will not be able to create sales orders in the Sana web store.

InstallationPrepare SAP Environment