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Sana Pay FAQ

Sana Pay powered by Adyen provides a consistent and convenient payment experience for your Sana webstore integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or SAP.

Below you can see a list of frequently asked questions about Sana Pay. They will help you clarify any questions, and remove obstacles you may have on your path to choosing and using this payment service provider.

What is Sana Pay?

Sana Pay powered by Adyen is the payment add-on recommended by Sana for any type of the webstore. Sana Pay uses the Adyen's powerful ecosystem and provides an optimized, native payment experience in your Sana webstore checkout without additional charges.

Are there any additional costs for Sana Pay?

No additional Sana licenses needed. Sana customers don't pay additional fees to work with Sana Pay.

However, Adyen charges transaction fees as described below in the question "What is Adyen's pricing structure?".

Do I have to sign a contract with Sana Commerce or Adyen?

Sana customers always sign a contract with Adyen. Adyen also supports customers via their own channel.

I'm interested in Sana Pay, where do I start?

Sign up for Adyen's test account using this URL.

Which payment methods, countries and currencies does Sana Pay support?

The supported payment methods, countries and currencies are listed in the Sana Pay manual. Adyen has an overview of the supported payment methods per country.

What is Adyen's pricing structure?

Adyen has a transparent pricing model based on the payment method and country which is publicly available. However, pricing also depends on (expected) total volume, (expected) number of transactions, split payment methods (%). If you need more information, you can contact your Sana project manager.

Why did Sana release their own PSP?

With Sana Pay, Sana can focus on a preferred payment solution that covers the primary and growth regions with payment methods, country and currency support. This helps us focus on what our customers need, assist them with finding which payment service provider is the most suitable for them.

What are the advantages of Sana Pay?

With Sana Pay we offer:

  • Quick start and go live with Adyen payment service provider.
  • A wide support for payment methods, countries and currencies.
  • Native payment experience in the Sana webstore checkout.
  • Save credit cards for future payments to make checkout fast and convenient that results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Credit card input validation in the Sana webstore checkout.

What are Adyen's application requirements, what documents do I need to prepare if I want to become a customer?

Adyen describes their application (KYC) requirements carefully in the article Requirements for you live account application. If merchants prepare their application and the KYC process carefully, customers can go live within 5 business days.

How easy is it to configure Sana Pay?

Sana Pay can be installed and configured in Sana Apps, just like all other add-ons. This can be easily done by the customer with the help of our manual.

Payment ServicesSana Pay Powered by Adyen