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Sana Pay Powered by Adyen

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What Is Sana Pay?


Sana Pay is a new payment add-on we have developed to replace the Adyen and Adyen Checkout add-ons. If you are using the Adyen or Adyen Checkout add-on, but want to use Sana Pay, you must first uninstall the old Adyen add-on and only then install Sana Pay. If you encounter any problem while installing Sana Pay after uninstalling Adyen, restart the application pool of Sana in IIS.


Sana Pay is available as an add-on. It can be installed from Sana Apps. In Sana Admin click: Apps > Add-ons.

It is implemented using the Adyen Drop-in integration method. Using the Sana Pay add-on, your customers can pay their orders directly during checkout on the extra step where they can enter their credit or debit card number.

It might happen that you don't have permissions to install Sana Apps, for example if you have a customized project or it was disabled by a web store administrator intentionally. In this case, you need to contact your Sana partner or project manager.

Sana Pay powered by Adyen provides a consistent and convenient payment experience for the Sana web stores integrated with Microsoft Dynamics or SAP. Sana Pay gives your business an opportunity to provide total payment convenience to your customers.

Sana Pay uses the Adyen's powerful ecosystem and provides an optimized, native payment experience in the Sana web store checkout. Adyen is a global multichannel payment company offering businesses an outsourced payment solution, which enables merchants to accept payments from anywhere in the world and provides a global payment solution for mid, large and enterprise e-commerce merchants.

What Benefits Can We Offer You with Sana Pay?

  • A native payment experience in Sana's checkout with Adyen - your customers will remain in Sana's intuitive checkout flow.
  • Let your customers pay the way they want, no matter where in the world they are.
    Adyen's online payment platform connects to 250 payment methods across North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Pacific, and Oceania. Adyen holds full acquiring licenses for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover and Union Pay schemes. In addition, Adyen has multiple local licenses and partnerships across the world's most important and emerging regions.
  • Your customers will have the ability to save their payment details for the next purchase. It makes checkout faster and more convenient that results in a higher conversion rate.
  • Sana Pay reduces the risk of errors with card detection and verification.

Sana Pay allows customers to pay their orders through the Adyen payment system directly in a web store, without redirecting a customer to the Adyen hosted payment page.

Sana Pay One-click Payment

When a customer creates an order and pays it through Sana Pay powered by Adyen, the additional checkout step, called Select payment method will be shown in the Sana web store. On this step customers can save their credit card information. This is useful for customers who make purchases periodically in the same web store. In this case, they can save their credit card numbers not to enter them again next time. Customers will only have to enter the CVC / CVV security code.


A Sana web store does not receive or obtain any credit card information. All processing of cardholder data is entirely outsourced to validated third-party service providers. The payment provider that is connected to the Sana web store collects and processes customer's credit card payments on behalf of the Sana web store.

A customer needs to pay at least one order through Sana Pay and on the Select payment method checkout step, he or she needs to select the Save for my next payment checkbox to save the credit card information. If these two conditions are fulfilled, the next time a customer pays an order through Sana Pay, the previously saved customer's credit card information will be available.

If a customer pays the first order through Sana Pay and he or she does not allow Adyen to store the credit card information, then the next time a customer pays an order through Sana Pay, he or she will have to enter the credit card information again.

All cards are linked to the customer ID. Since several shop accounts can be linked to the same customer ID in ERP, for the correct work of the payment methods you are using we strongly recommend to link each customer ID only to one shop account.

If you allow guests to place orders without registration in your web store, for security reasons we do not recommend to allow guests to save their credit card information. For more information, see Online Payments with an Extra Checkout Step.

Payment ServicesSana Pay Powered by Adyen