Sana Commerce 9.3
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Additional Information

  • 3D Secure 2 is not supported yet in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.
  • To use 3D Secure 2, your Wirecard account and customers' credit cards must support 3D Secure 2.

In the tables below you can see the supported payment methods and their transaction types, as well as tested currencies.

Payment Method Transaction Types
Credit Card (VISA/Master) Purchase
PayPal with WPPv2 Debit
SEPA Direct Debit with WPPv2 Debit
Sofort with WPPv2 Debit
Alipay Cross Border Debit

Payment Method Tested Currencies
Credit Card (VISA/Master) EUR, USD, JPY, POL, GBP, CAD
PayPal with WPPv2 EUR
SEPA Direct Debit with WPPv2 EUR
Sofort with WPPv2 EUR