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Sana Commerce 8.1
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Configure a Live Ogone PSP Module

When the test Ogone PSP module is configured, do the following to use the Ogone payment module implementation with a live account:

Step 1: Request a Live account from Ogone.

Step 2: In the 'web.config' file of the Sana Commerce frontend change the value of the 'PSPID' parameter to the live account. If the value for the 'USERID' parameter has been set it should be also changed.

Step 3: Change the value of the 'PaymentPage' parameter to:

Step 4: The values of the 'SHAInDeliminator' and 'SHAOutDeliminator' parameters in the 'web.config' file should match the values set in the live account.

Step 5: In the Ogone backoffice (Configuration -> Technical information -> Transaction feedback) the 'Always deferred (not immediately after the payment)' setting should be set for 'Timing of the request'.

Step 6: Check whether the URL of the merchant's post-payment page is specified.

Step 7: When everything is done and tested, keep an eye on the payment log in the following days to be sure that everything is configured correctly. See the 'loggingConfiguration' section in the 'web.config' file for the location of the payment log file. It is configured in the 'PaymentFileTraceListener' listener by default.