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Product Stock and Price Import

Sana Commerce 8.1
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Product Stock and Price Import for NAV

Product stock and price import functionality is used to import product stock and product price data from the MS Dynamics NAV database to the SQL database. This import exists next to the product import because stock and price information of a product might need to be imported more frequently since such data is regularly changed. This also adds the ability to handle start and end dates of prices configured in Dynamics NAV. Note that the product stock and price import will always import all visible products from Dynamics NAV unlike the product import which takes only changed products (can be configured differently though).
You can read about field mapping between the NAV and SQL databases during the product stock and price import process here.
Imported product prices are based on prices for the B2C Template Customer, which is specified in the 'Webshop Card' window (tab 'General') of the 'Webshop' menu item in Dynamics NAV. Imported product stock is based on the Location Code for this Template Customer.
Before the 'Product stock and price import' process is performed the availability of the product or a variant on both databases is checked. If the product or variant is not available on the SQL database the stock and price for this product is not imported.
Add-ons and ModulesProduct Stock and Price Import