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Microsoft Dynamics AX Changes

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New Tables

The table below provides the description of the new tables in AX, including the fields:

Table Name Field ID Name Type Description
SC_WebShopsTable 50003  WebShopId  String  Webshop ID 
SC_WebShopsTable 50004  TemplateCustAccount  String  Template customer code 
SC_WebShopsTable 50005  TemplateJournalAccount  String  Payment method GL account 
SC_WebShopsTable 50008  ImportShippingCostAccount  String  Import shipping cost account 
SC_WebShopsTable 50009  ImportShippingCostType  Enum  Import shipping cost type 
SC_WebShopsTable 50010  ImportPaymentCostAccount  String  Import payment cost account 
SC_WebShopsTable 50011  ImportPaymentCostType  Enum  Import payment cost type 
SC_WebShopsTable 50012  TemplatePaymentCode  String  Payment method code 
SC_ParametersTable 50001  EnableLog  Enum  Enable logging 
SC_ParametersTable 50002  FileLogPath  String  Logging output directory 
SC_ParametersTable 50003  DefaultSiteId  String  Default site for product 
SC_ParametersTable 50004  DefaultLocationId  String  Default warehouse for product 
SC_FilterWebShopsTable 50001  WebShopId  String  Webshop ID 
SC_FilterWebShopsTable 50002  FilterStr  String  Filter string 
SC_FilterWebShopsTable 50006  FieldName  String  Field name 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50001  AccountCode  String  Account code 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50002  Email  String  Email 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50003  Password  String  Password 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50004  Name  String  Account name 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50005  Activated  Enum  Activate account 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50006  AccountType  Enum  Account type 
SC_ShopAccountsTable 50007  AccountNum  String  Account number 
SC_InventGroupTxt 50001  ItemGroupId  String  Item group ID 
SC_InventGroupTxt 50002  Txt  String  Text translation 
SC_InventGroupTxt 50003  LanguageId  String  Language ID 
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50001  ItemId  String  Item ID 
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50002  RelatedItemId  String  Related item ID 
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50003  RelationType  Integer  Relation type 
SC_RelatedItemsTable 50004  SortNum  Integer  Sorting number 
Advanced Installation TopicsMicrosoft Dynamics AX Changes